Finding a Voice

As a young art student, and as an older practicing artist, I found myself being told to, “keep working and you’ll find your voice.”

That’s the advice most artists get at one point or another. The classes can put so much focus on development of technique, and thought, that we can make the incomplete assumption that “voice” means how someone makes art. Or what they make. Or why.

Those are in fact, very important. Essential, really, to art making. But until recently, I didn’t understand, what I perceive to be the more complete truth. Trying to find ones voice, isn’t a search for why, what or how. It is a search for self, and the resulting decision to accept or not accept ones self.

How can I make a painting that exudes a complete and whole thought, if I am in turmoil inside? The more I understand and accept who and what I am, the better my outward expression of art can be.

Pursue mastery of technique and concept, in light of how it impacts the pursuit of understanding, and even mastering, self.

Learning to be whole.  Learning to find peace with what/who you are. That’s the key to finding your voice as an artist. It’s finding you. And being OK with who that is.


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