Gigantor, Tetsujin-28 Go!


Continuing my obsession with robots!


3 thoughts on “Gigantor, Tetsujin-28 Go!

  1. Based from a novel by Mitsuteru Yokoyama about a giant robot was invented by Dr Bob Brilliant co-inventor and creator of the powerful secret weapon for the last line of defense against the forces of evil save the world protect the innocent and keep the peace. Inspired from 1956 comicbook series turned into television series films animated cartoons/anime/manga novels/books action figures dolls and media and a forthcoming 2015 live action film is underway soon to be filming by early spring of next year and also a new animated series with a new look new characters and a returning heroes coming on Syfy network also in syndication coming soon. Thanks for the information . From:Wayne.

  2. He is the heart of iron and steel and protector of the future. Thanks! From:Wayne

  3. He is the 10 year old detective and pilot controller of the giant robot named Jimmy Sparks/Shotaro Kaneda and a protagonist/hero of the science fiction/anime series Tetsujin 28/Gigantor. Thanks! From:Wayne

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