Looking back

I’ve recently been going through and doing some Spring cleaning of my studio, and all the paperwork I’ve accumulated over 4 years of teaching college art classes. With all the snow we’ve been having where I live, there wasn’t much else to do when I wasn’t shoveling.

I wrote new versions of my Philosophy of Teaching, revised and reworked Artist Statements, and came up with new lesson plans I’m excited to try out next fall!

Also, adding up all the classes and students I’ve had the privilege of teaching and working with. I was so blown away when I realized I’ve taught over 400 students! The time has flown by, and my life is definitely been made richer by all those conversations about art and life.

I’ll be updating here whenever I have time with some of those documents. Be sure to check out www.johnruggles.com for more images and updates as well!!


One thought on “Looking back

  1. i wish you well in the future, what your doing is amazing

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