Artist Statements

At times, I’ve both hated and loved the idea of artist statements. I believe them to be a good thing, because of the dialogues they can start. It can be tough for visual artists to put into words the many reasons WHY they make something, but it’s so worth it. At the very least it refreshes your own understanding as maker, and believer in creativity.

So here is my artist statement, trying to describe the very core of why I make things,

Memories are important to me. One of my earliest is of my Grandmother whispering Spanish words to me that I would then go and speak to my Grandfather to see if he knew them. It was a simple game, but the feeling of running between two people stuck with me. It is a feeling that would continue to get stronger as I became more aware of the world and of myself. As I grew, I tried to make more sense of the seeming dissimilar parts of my existence: the spheres of life with which I had a connection, but didn’t seem a full part of. I struggled a lot with relating my Hispanic heritage to my Caucasian one, and relating my personal faith to organized religion and to my art making. In my mind, my life was a continually wandering of a metaphorical no-man’s land between cultures, and groups. So I explored how and what to identify as, and which labels to use to describe myself. Before I called it art, my first acts of creation were mimicking people around me in order to explore the labels and groups I wanted to belong to.

This mimicry evolved into an exploration of liminal spaces, like the gap between ideas and imagery, the physical space between two other physical spaces, or even the role of maker versus natural process. The art that I make is an attempt to navigate these areas. Each series of work that I have created explores the idea of “in-between space” in separate ways, with different media, imagery and conceptual statements. I often work on two contrasting series of work at the same time in order to balance creative thoughts, like my two current series of one illustrative and one abstract. I blend and mix media, text and images, religious ideas and secular imagery in my constant search for understanding the liminal space.


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