Thought for today.

It’s funny how you see things differently with time. I often think about what makes an excellent teacher. This week I came to a new conclusion. A good teacher works toward becoming better at lesson planning and at being more effective in the classroom. I’ve tried to work hard at those things, thinking that it would free up more spare time so I could work on my personal artwork. (It’s hard to teach college art classes and still have energy to keep making and exhibiting your own art!)
Anyway, like I said, this week I changed my mind a little. An excellent teacher works hard at continually improving the basic nuts and bolts of teaching, so that more time can be spent relating to, and engaging with, the students. You can be the most effective preparer of lesson plans in the world, but if your students are anxious to rush out at the end of class, you’re not actually being that effective of a teacher.
An strong indicator of how well you’re reaching your students is how many of them linger at the end of class and for how long. Thirty minutes after class, if students are still there wanting to talk to you and wanting to work on the projects….then you’re much closer to achieving excellence in action.


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