Meditation Work

Two new work in the Meditation series are done and drying as well. I haven’t completely worked out an artist statement for these series. But the core concept at work is taking an iconic cartoon/comic character and painting it brightly on a warm yellow background that’s been “dirtied” to create a worn affect. In the comics the characters are lined in black ink or paint…and the large black gestures coming from the hands, feet and face of the character in my paintings sort of reflect the character returning to the substance it’s made from. The idea is that the character is returning to their base elements.  The titles chosen in this series are important too, because they try to indicate an aspect of each character in a wording that is poetic and contemplative in nature.

The Batman painting is titled “Falling in a moonless black sky”


The Wonder Woman painting is title, “Gentle truth of the Gods.”




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