Portrait practice

So this weekend, I spent some time working on a portrait of my fiancĂ©e Megan. I drew out the face with graphite on paper, and then did the painting with watercolor. It’s about 18″ x 20″.
I’m pretty pleased with how it came out, as it will likely serve as the start of a yet another series of work…this time focusing on portraiture.
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Copying a “Master”

The work from my non-art majors just keeps better. We tried a new variation on the traditional art school project where a student copies a work by a master. We expanded the definition of master to include contemporary artists, designers, and illustrators. And the results are pretty amazing. Tip for artists and art teachers…never underestimate the power of doing something you’re actually interested in.

IMG_0509 IMG_0517 IMG_0521

Owls love art too

Today, the Berks Art Alliance show celebrating Hawk Mountain had it’s opening reception. And asides hearing from the various people who helped set the whole show up, the Hawk Mountain President, and a pretty great Raptor Educator…everyone attending had a great chance to meet a beautiful Eastern Screech Owl. Who I’m pretty sure enjoyed looking at all the art.


Peregrine falcon field study

Recently I’ve been focused on making a piece for the Berks Art Alliance’s show celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. In case you don’t know, it’s a great place to hike and more specifically watch the migrations of birds of prey. They are focused on raptor conservation, education, and observation.
Edit: Additional info about Hawk Mountain can be found at their website, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
So, I choose to do a field study of a peregrine falcon. One of my favorite birds, the peregrine is also one of the most recognized endangered raptors in the world. I worked with an old timey custom mixed brown ink and then added watercolor. I’ve included a pic of it in the studio and then framed in the show. Hope you enjoy it!