Did little experimenting tonight in the studio. Took one of my mixed media on ride paper pieces inspired by Japanese paintings….and added Batman. Makes compete sense I think.



Recent Sonnet work online!

I’ve been continuing with my newest series of work based off of 100 Love Sonnets (Cien Sonetos de Amor) by Pablo Neruda. The first 6 are now all up on my website. Follow the link below.
Cien Sonetos de Amor series


Free Art Friday


First ever Free Art Friday on my Instagram  @jeruggles.
At the end of the day I’ll be giving away my newest  painting, inspired by Sonnet 2 from 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda. All you have to do is like the photo on Instagram to be considered. Spread the word around, cause I’m going to be doing this on a regular basis! #freeartfriday #faf #ruggles


It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. Er, I suppose it’s shaping into a rather busy next year.
First, I was nominated as the next President of the Berks Art Alliance. Which I was thrilled to hear about. And second, I’ve been experimenting with some ideas. When I try out new ideas, they don’t necessarily turn into a full series of similar work. Sometimes it’s more important to continue exploring the ideas of making, and the concepts a person is concerned with exploring. In my case, it always comes down to exploring space and the boundaries that separate them into unique and distinct areas. So here are my newest questions to myself about the spaces I’m walking and thinking through.
Hope you enjoy!